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Wetrooms offer a sleek, uncluttered, luxurious and easy to clean space for bathing and showering in. Wetroom floors are normally heated throughout, including the shower area, so any surplus water left from showering quickly dries, of course there is also the added luxury of a warm floor while you shower...Although quite commonplace overseas wetrooms are now becoming more and more popular in the UK

What is a wetroom?

Wetrooms are basically a bathroom that has been waterproofed allowing areas such as shower enclosures to be built without the constraints of shower trays and doors. Virtually any size or shape room can be waterproofed and with the optional use of specially shaped or made to measure waterproof construction boards, design is limitless.

Due to the strength of permanent and flexible waterproofing systems, wetrooms have a much longer life span than a conventional bathroom with an enclosure.

How a wetroom is built.

There are several ways to build a wetroom, TK&B uses two types depending on design and budget.

The principles are the same, after preparation of the substrate (floor and walls) such as strengthening, installing heat mats,  insulation,  shaped flooring, plumbing etc the floor and walls are then waterproofed, this is called ‘tanking’


Tanking is a reinforced, flexible, rubberised coating that  enhances the bond between the tiles and the floor/walls adding strength to the room and permanently waterproofing it.

Grout and silicone joints alone are not enough to waterproof a room, so a secondary fail safe barrier (tanking) needs to be in place.

All services such as plumbing pipes are normally completely hidden within the floors and walls, thus ensuring good waterproofing qualities and also keeping clean uncluttered lines on the finished product.

After a day or two the tanked room can then be tiled. A tanked room ready for tiling is pictured right.

Depending on the floor tiles used, a technique called ‘envelope cutting’ is used to lay the tiles around the waste gully, this allows a slope for water to flow  into the gully from all directions.

If smaller mosaic tiles are required then a pre shaped base is used, this has the slope built in and the tiles are simply laid directly onto it.

Sheet glass shower walls and wall hung sanitoryware complete the luxurious wetroom look.

This is the easiest and most popular way to create a wetroom, the second alternative is pictured below.


A system of waterproof construction board that is fixed to walls and floors and then sealed with a special tape can produce some very interesting results.

This type of wetroom construction can be very detailed and literally has no design limits.

Items can be made to order or pre cut boards can be shaped on site



Just a few examples of what can be achieved with waterproof construction board

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