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A vast variety of innovative and unique products within the Second Nature range make it possible with skilled design to achieve results that are normally only possible buy purchasing a ‘high end’ fully bespoke kitchen.

The bespoke pantries pictured below are a beautiful example of this.

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Bespoke Pantry


In many of the Second Nature kitchen ranges pantries can be designed to your individual requirements.

Features include spice drawers, wine racks, door racks and pull-out chopping boards.



Bespoke corner pantry

This beautiful curved corner pantry mixes old and new with the modern carousel central to the unit and classic touches of spice drawers, scalloped wine rack and granite shelves.


Bespoke corner breakfast pantry


Create a corner breakfast pantry with dedicated areas for coffee machine, cups, saucers and plates, plus plenty of room for tea, coffee and jams


Bespoke pantry

A classic pantry with some quirky detailing. Features include a plate rack, spice drawers and two pull-out baskets for storing fresh vegetables. All combine to create a pantry with practicality and style.


Bespoke pantry

If you like the idea of a traditional pantry then I can tailor a design to your needs.

This simple design will ensure your food is organised and easy to access.


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